What to Look For in an Online Slot

The online slot world is a competitive one, which means developers are always looking to improve on their existing games, and come up with new ones too. Two of the most well-known software companies in this space are NetEnt and Playtech, with two standout titles from each, Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst, now recognisable worldwide. New games may bring with them an enhanced theme, or a fresh twist on a classic mechanic such as tumbling reels and Megaways. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for mobile-exclusive titles, since these tend to be designed from the ground up with mobile play in mind and therefore offer better compatibility across devices.


The number of available paylines in an online slot game is another important factor to consider. These are set patterns that run across the reels, from left to right, and can host matching symbols to trigger a win. Some slots have as few as five paylines, while others can feature up to 243 lines. The best online casinos will clearly list the number of paylines available in their slot offerings, along with details on each symbol and the payouts for them.

Bonus rounds

Online slot games are often packed with features that add to the excitement of playing them, including scatters, wilds, free spins, and pick-a-prize elements. These extras can give players the chance to boost their winnings or even unlock jackpots and other prize pools. Whether you’re looking to up your game or try something completely different, these features can help make the difference between a big win and a disappointing loss.