The NFL’s Official Betting Channel

Throughout the past few years, the NFL has been quietly integrating gambling content into its game day broadcasts. With the most recent addition of free-play games and betting lines, the league is now providing a glimpse into its betting culture. The NFL has forged partnerships with sportsbooks and betting operators, and the league expects to generate $270 million in revenue this year.

The league has also added to its game-day offerings with a contest that offers fans a chance to win cash from studio analyst Terry Bradshaw. However, the most interesting piece of this gambling-related mashup is the use of official data to provide a product that gives fans across regulated states an immersive live experience.

Among other innovations, the NFL has also taken a cue from other sports leagues, such as MLB, by adding a gambling-related training course to its player development program. As cord cutting continues to disrupt business models, the NFL is preparing to take its game to the next level. The NFL has partnered with an analytics firm, and will incorporate this data into its gambling-related content in a big way.

The NFL has also incorporated a video licensing scheme to allow its broadcasters to place a few wacky ads during games. This is not the only gimmick, as the league also added some spreads to its game-day screen. The newest of these is a feature that allows a sportsbook to take bets on every lap of every race.