MLB and Other Major Leagues Have Signed Official Betting Deals

In sports betting, official betting is when a major league signs a deal with a sportsbook that allows the sports book to set odds on games officially sanctioned by the governing body of that sport. It’s the latest step by a sports league to monetize the increasing interest in sports wagering.

The NFL is the latest league to sign an official betting deal. The pact gives sportsbooks access to official game data and the ability to promote their relationship with the NFL.

Getting in on the action is easy: Find a sportsbook that accepts your preferred payment method and offers the types of bets you’re interested in. Look for sites with a mobile-friendly interface and a good selection of promotions and bonuses. Also read user reviews, but keep in mind that what one person views as a negative may be something else for another.

MLB has a number of official betting partners, including FanDuel and DraftKings, who have exclusive betting deals with the league. Other sportsbooks can make a limited number of MLB props available.

Generally, baseball teams experience shortened and/or suspended games throughout the season due to inclement weather. If the game is called during an inning, most moneyline bets will stand (unless specified). Player props, however, require that a specific event occur or reach a certain point to have action, unless otherwise noted. For example, first to X-based props have action if the specified player makes one pitch or one plate appearance.

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