How Much Money Do Affiliate Marketers Make Really?

How Much Money Do Affiliate Marketers Make Really?

There are six earning brackets in affiliate marketing:

♦ Affiliate Novice – 
Losing Money

♦ Low Level Affiliate 
$0/day up to $100/day.

♦ Intermediate Affiliate  $100/day up to $500/day.

♦ High Level Affiliate 
$500/ day up to $5000/day.

♦ Expert Affiliate 
Anything above $5000/day.

The ‘Pro’ Affiliate
He who considers anything less than $10,000/day to be ‘doing it wrong’.

Question: which earning bracket do you dream of being in?

Affiliate Marketers, like salesman, make as much as they want to make…

The sky really is the limit. 

Many affiliates choose to succeed, but only to a certain extent.

It’s vital to know that you absolutely CAN become a millionaire in this industry, but only with extremely hard work and dedication.

I am Koda,

Your Affiliate

Marketing Mentor.

I'll teach you to live the laptop lifestyle you DREAM of using the power of Passive Income Online...

I want to share with you an invaluable piece of advice that changed my life… 

You will never get rich working for someone else!

Just because you are working for yourself doesn’t mean you’ll get rich, though… 

If you want to become wealthy, you need to make the right decisions.

Here is the typical story with Affiliate Marketing… 

Someone gets into affiliate marketing, finds some success, earns 30-50K per year, and then stays at that level for the next ten years.


I guess it is ok to be happy with earning 30-50K in affiliate marketing, but to me that seems like such a massive waste of untapped potential.

With affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit!

You can make 40K per year, you can make 40K per month, or your can make 40K per week!

Heck, I know pro affiliate marketers who rake in 10K per DAY.

In case you're bad at math, 10k per day equals $3,650,000 per year.

That’s right, affiliate marketers have websites that are working for them 24/7/365 days of the week…

Even when they are ASLEEP!!! 

They make 10K + per day, therefore their salary is 3.65 MILLION DOLLARS!

Furthermore, there are affiliate marketers out there making MUCH more than that. You truly can become a multi-millionaire with Affiliate Marketing…

 So then, why don’t most people? Because they choose to remain average.

P.S. This program allowed me to generate 4-Figures Monthly in Passive Income at only 25 years old and is FREE to get started! Also, when you join I will personally mentor you one on one!

Let’s says we have two guys, Bob and Jason…

Now, Bob works as a store manager, and he earns 60K per year. He makes pretty good money, but not great money.

Bob likes his job, but he still sometimes hates getting up so early in the morning for work.

I mean, Bob has to be in the store bright in the morning to manage his employees after all. 

Sometimes he wonders if all the day to day responsibilities of his job are really worth it.

On the other hand, we have Jason…

Now, Jason is kind of a lazy guy.

He likes spending his time by the pool, drinking rum and cokes and playing in his band at the local tiki bar every other night.

The thing is, Jason earns the same amount of money as Bob. They both earn 60K. What’s the difference then?

Jason is an affiliate marketer who works from his computer…

He has no boss. He has no “hours” or timeclock. He has no employees and no possibility of being fired if he didn’t perform his job.

You see, Jason is his own man.

Jason runs his own online business. Bob is not. Bob might be a manager, but he is a slave to the store.

Bob has no control over his boss, he has no control over when his office closes, and he has no control over how much money he earns.

He is not in charge, and therefor he does not have control over his life.

Bob is stuck in a prison of his own choosing, and Jason is living in a creation of his own choosing. The only difference is Jason is free and bob is not.

Bob’s stuck with a 60K per year salary, while Jason could choose to earn $2,000,000 or more if he wanted to.

Very early on in my life I decided not to be like Bob.

I always wanted to be a Jason. I always wanted financial freedom.

I want to be able to leave work whenever the heck I want to. 

I don’t a boss micromanaging me and breathing down my neck to meet a deadline. Screw that. I am my own boss.

Then, I decided to take it even further than Jason

While freedom is amazing and is definitely my primary reason for creating my own online business, I didn’t want to stop there.

Unlike Jason, I wanted to figure out how to get to the Top Earning Bracket of Affiliate Marketers. 

It is this exact hunger-based mentality you need to thrive in this business and come out on top.

The 6 price brackets I showed you in the beginning of this post are always on my mind.

I spend my time figuring out how to jump up to the next bracket…

The way I see it, other people do it every day, so why can’t I? 

Even more important, if I, Koda Moon, can do it, then why not you? 

Remember, take it one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself, and more importantly, don’t ever become discouraged…

You can choose to make a great living if you really want to.

One Final Question: How bad do you want to be in the top 1% of salaries in the population?

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Koda Moon

Hi, I'm Koda and welcome to my blog! 🙂 ...I am an experienced affiliate marketer who has a passion for helping beginners succeed online. I created this site (Get Money Blogging) to help you live the laptop lifestyle you dream of! Not only will I help you tap into your passions, but together, we'll actually turn them into a lucrative online business. So get ready to live the life you dream of- wealth, freedom and ultimate control! -Koda Moon

18 thoughts on “How Much Money Do Affiliate Marketers Make Really?

  1. I know, there’s no limit to how much you can earn with affiliate marketing. But of course it needs lots of effort and dedication.

    And you have to sacrifice a lot if you want to earn more.

    For me, if I make my present salary and a little more for travels, then I’m happy.

    I don’t have to sacrifice lots of time in my laptop and missing time with family and my personal spiritual growth.

    I am slowly building my website and hopefully earn soon.


    1. Marita, you are correct in saying that it needs a lot of effort and dedication. Any business worth doing requires a strong commitment and a lot of sacrifice. This is the hard truth. The great thing about online businesses though, as you’ve pointed out, is that once you surpass a certain point of success, you no longer have to maintain as much as other businesses, thus removing a lot of the “sacrificing” (Which is awesome!) That’s exactly why I love affiliate marketing and wouldn’t want to do any other job on earth ;D

  2. Dear Koda Moon,

    Thanks for outlining the math for me on how much affiliate marketers can actually make online.

    The possibilities are really endless to say the least. I pretty much am like you, I hate working for another person and want financial freedom. Even with getting a college degree, I felt like I could do more, but how and why. Then it dawned on me after 12/13/2014 when I graduated I wanted to try my hand at teaching online like a tutor. I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate, for the price I paid I felt I learned more in this platform than the other online classes and in college classes I had to take at various parts due to the administration staff’s lack of interest transferring my earned course credits from the previous colleges. They told me to start afresh and do the whole thing over again according to their curriculum. 

    I was tired of being forced to repeating myself, so at Wealthy Affiliate when I joined in May 2015 I felt I had finally felt my life had value. That it had a sense of purpose and meaning. 

    The price of WA cannot compare to the huge amount of money colleges and universities ask of just for going into a prestigious field of expertise like healthcare. 

    At WA, its great, they don’t require you to use a Credit Card for the tools they provide to get you better exposed to the great Internet experience of being an affiliate marketers and teaching others to follow suit. 

    $50 a month is much better than having to pay nearly $1,000 by a long shot.

    I hope that many more people will join under you for WA and realize the great potential in truly working for yourself.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Angel, I’m glad you’ve come so far. That’s awesome! As you’ve surely realized, the potential that comes with affiliate marketing is massive. If you’re trying to run your own life and be the master of your finances, starting an online business is the way to go!

      I also hated working for other people, like a LOT, and that’s why I personally got into running my own online affiliate marketing business ;D

      I wish you success as well, Angel. Have a great day! And thanks for the insightful post!


  3. Cool Cool cool, this is one of the sweetest articles I have read this week. it is very motivational to me, Many of the author’s word keeps ringing in my brain, “You will never get rich working for someone else”. I have to bookmark your blog, I feel motivated going through it. I love it. Great work

    1. Thanks Marshall. Yes, as I have said, You NEVER will get rich working for someone else. If being massively wealthy is your aspiration, you have to move past the typical 9-5 mentality, as it will severely hold back your earning potential. I’m glad I’ve motivated you, now you’ve got to get to work to make it happen! Don’t ever give up, work hard and be patient- one day you will get to where it is you’re trying to go!


  4. Very encouraging yet challenging post. What stuck with me in all you said is that, “With Affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit. Bloggers have the choice how much they would like to make and although one has to really work very hard, the possibilities are endless.

    You’re absolutely right, there are so many Affiliate marketers who have become millionaires, which I never thought was possible. But hearing them share about their success in order to prove that it is indeed possible to enjoy time freedom and financial freedom as an affiliate marketer has encouraged me to keep working hard on my website. I know it won’t happen overnight but it will eventually happen for me. Yes, one day at a time.

    1. Alice, as you already know, people become millionaires in the affiliate marketing business every DAY. They achieve true financial freedom, but only though hard hard work and true dedication. I really do stand behind what I said: the sky is the limit. Affiliate Marketing and blogging are those businesses where if you’re willing to outwork everyone else, you will rise to the top and MAKE more than everyone else. This is the fundamental truth. Like you said, it will not happen overnight, so you must be patient, but keep going and never give up!


  5. Interesting and helpful post on this great topic. This is one of the trending topics online now that needs review. I can say reading this review made me realize that my level, which is intermediate affiliate marketer, a real good salesman as I visioned it that sky is not even my limit. Because I know I can be multimilionaire affiliate marketer with great focus. What I can say is to be a creation of one own choosing is better than be stuck in the prison of one choosing. Financial Freedom is by individuals choices. Thanks, good stuff what sharing!

    1. Topazdude, you have the right kind of thinking! They say to think outside of the box, but you’ve made the profound discovery that there IS no box. Congrats on your choice to pursue your bold financial dreams, and I wish you only the best when achieving them! May prosperity come to you with hard work and perseverance, my friend.


  6. Awesome! I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing, so not making very much at all. But with that said, I have seen the potential in it and I can’t think of a better way to get out of the rat race and into prosperity. It does take some time and effort, but all good things do. There are people out there who went to school for years to become doctors and lawyers and they still don’t make as much as determined affiliate marketers. Besides, with all the automation and AI tech coming our way, what’s going to happen to all those jobs? Might as well get into something more promising and make as much as possible to ensure some kind of future. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mark, you are correct in that it is an amazing opportunity to escape that rat race! Is it easy? H*ll no. It is worth it? H*ll yes! If you put in the hard work to build the foundation for a successful affiliate marketing website, there’s nothing you can’t achieve beyond that. Also, that’s a great point about AI and all the jobs that will disappear when it comes. Why take the risk? it’s much better to ENSURE your financial stability by building a robust, stable business.

      Thanks for dropping an awesome comment, Mark!

  7. Bravo Koda Moon! A great read and very inspirational. I’m positive many of your readers will take all of this article to heart. Great topic and close to our entire communities collective heart. To many, the various earnings “steps” are insurmountable. For this reader, I believe if one can get past the insurmountable negativity, success in their’s for the taking. Just like Kyles ‘low hanging fruit’.Please add me to your blog. All the best, Mike

    1. Thank you very much, Michael! The comment is much appreciated, my man. You’ve brought up a great point: if one can get past the insurmountable negativity, success is their’s for the taking! How true that is!! Thanks for the insight, Michael.


  8. Thank you for sharing ¨How Much Money do Affiliate Marketers Make Really? ¨. I was expecting a bit more from the article. I wanted  a discussion of the key factors of success to become an affluent Affiliate Marketer.

    Affiliate systems are not quick and easy to manage. I think you made your point on this issue. Affiliate marketing programs are a lot of work, and in most situations there´s a lot of competition, so you are not going to be bringing in money immediately.

    You need to work in a very popular and lucrative niche to make affiliate marketing work for your business. I would have liked a discussion of what are lucrative niches? As you know not all niches are profitable.

    And my final point. Success in affiliate marketing comes from getting your product on as many sites as possible. The best way to think about affiliate marketing is quality over quantity

    1. Enrique, great comment! I think a lot of what you’re saying hold a great deal of value. Your final point is the one I resonate the most with: Success in affiliate marketing comes from getting your product on as many sites as possible. The best way to think about affiliate marketing is quality over quantity.” Great insight! I choose to think about it the same exact way.

      Thanks again for the comment, Enrique, very insightful. I look forward to reading more comments by you in future blog posts! Peace out!


  9. Hello Koda 

    My name is Chris. I am just starting in WA. affiliate I have to admit, I’m a bit overwhelmed with everything right now. I know I need to take it slow and I am.

    This is very encouraging for me and makes me think maybe even I can do this. I still am a bit skeptical but I’m going to work hard and put the time in. 

    Thank You 


    1. Chris, it’s perfectly ok to be overwhelmed. I, too, was a beginner once, and I can distinctly remember being severely overwhelmed! You are correct in your assumption that you need to take it slow. Success will come, you just need to start planting seeds- build your site, pick your niche, start making quality content, start engaging commenters, learn to get traffic- the basics. Once you get good at that, THEN you can move on the more advanced techniques, but don’t rush yourself! Be patient, padawan.

      Follow the process, because it DOES WORK. It’s a proven process, and you need to follow it to a T until you’re good enough to deviate from it and make it something of your own creation.

      Go forward and keep learning, my man!

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