How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Are you new to affiliate marketing?

If you are, I’m sure you wanna know how long it’ll take to go full time… 

I know this is on your mind, because this was definitely the first thing I wanted to know when I started out.

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Full Time Affiliate Marketer?

I’ve got a straightforward answer for you guys, but you probably are not going to like it…

Here it is: Affiliate marketing takes about 6-12 months to start seeing steady money.

Wait, what? Up to a year!?!?!?!” 

That’s insane! I can’t wait a year! Well, you’re going to have to.

Yes, it’s gonna take you about a year to get your affiliate marketing website and business up and off the ground.

Make Sure You Put That Into Perspective… 

Guys, that may sound like a lot of time, but if it does, that just goes to show how little you know about business…

You have to put this in perspective: Most small businesses take on average 3 to 5 years before they even begin to churn a profit!

Brass Round 7 Stack Coins

I will repeat that….Most small businesses take on average 3 to 5 years before they even begin to churn a profit!

So, in comparison, 12 months is a freaking STEAL…

 To be clear, that’s 12 months of hard work. Not 12 months of dipping your toes in the water to see “if it’s for you.”

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My Own Journey…

Let me tell you a little bit about my own crazy journey. 

When I first started affiliate marketing, I was putting out 2-3 blog posts per day.

Guys, when I say I was busting my ass, you better believe it, because that’s what it takes in the beginning. 

That’s what it takes to get your website off the ground.

Yes, I was able to slow down after about the 6th month mark, but before that, I was grinding- hard…

That brings me to my next point:

The ‘6/12’ Rule

The 6/12 rule is this…  

It’s probably gonna be 6 months before you start getting a flow of traffic to your site, and 12 months before you start making some real money.

When I start a website, my general rule of thumb is 6 months before it even makes a dollar.

Person Holding Banknote

I WANT TO ONLY BE BRUTALLY HONEST WITH YOU GUYS (unlike MANY of other affiliate marketers out there on the internet.) 

A lot of these guys are con artists and scammers, and it pisses me off.

These guys are promising you the world, and it’s all empty promises….

They’re telling you you can magically make $1000/day just by setting up a “proven” system that requires no work on your part…

Sound too good to be true? It is… 

That is total BS, guys. They’re scam artists, and they’re just out to get your money.

The Brutal Truth…

The brutal truth is that you can make insane money online, but the ONLY way that’s gonna happen is if you pour your blood sweat and tears into it…


Don’t ever trust any snake oil salesman who says you can make money without having to bust your ass working, because it’s a scam.

I HATE when people are taken advantage of by people who negatively exploit their dreams and desires…

Because of that, I want to be as honest with you guys as possible.

I’m a man of my word, so trust me when I say it’s hard work. It IS possible if you’re willing to bust your ass though.

So trust me when I say that you CAN make money with affiliate marketing, you just have to be patient and put in the work.

Back to the ‘6-12’ Rule…

Yes, this is generally the rule I recommend to people when they ask how long it takes to make money online. 

That being said, it varies from person to person.

If you work really hard AND smart, you can absolutely shorten this time frame… 

On the other hand, If you work less, you can lengthen it.

The thing is, most people are working adults who have responsibilities… 

It’s not like they can put 35 or 40 extra hours per week into their affiliate marketing business. 

Some people simply don’t have the time.

If you can only put 10 hours per week into it, so be it, it’s better than 0, but I’d recommend pushing for 15-20 hours if you’re able to.

Remember, if you’ve got a full time job, then make affiliate marketing your side hustle. 

Success in affiliate marketing cannot be achieved without some sacrifice.

Instead of going home and watching Netflix each night, devote and hour or 2 to building out your website.

Website Traffic Takes Time… But The Wait Is SO Worth It!

It takes time to get your website ranking in google and getting a constant flow of traffic to your website, but it’s absolutely worth it in the long run!

More traffic = more clicks. More clicks = more sales. 

More sales = more commission. It’s a simple formula, guys.

So, What Is Your Niche?

It’s important to know that some more competitive than others…

Therefor, some are going to be more difficult to get your foot into the door than others.

Generally, Niches with higher competition keywords are going to be hard to compete for.

As a beginner, you’re going to want to pursue niches with LOW competition.

If you do this, I guarantee you’ll start making money FASTER with affiliate marketing than trying to get into competitive niches.

Affiliate Marketing is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that anything worth pursuing in this life doesn’t come easy… 

You gotta work hard for things, and you’ll be rewarded.

The same goes for affiliate marketing. It’s not a get rich quick scheme.

I’m not gonna stand here and lie to you and tell you you’re gonna be a millionaire in 4 months.

Sorry to break it to ya, but LIFE DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT.

If you go through life trying to find that magical business that doesn’t exist, YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED AT BUSINESS, EVER… 


Give It A Test Drive

Give affiliate marketing a try, and see for yourself why I find it to be so awesome.

I promise you, you will be impressed.

Yes, it takes some time to build the foundation of this business, but THE WAIT IS WORTH IT !!!

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