11 Reasons Why Being a Professional Blogger Rocks

11 Reasons Why Being a Professional Blogger Rocks

No doubt about it, the blogging business has proven to be a very lucrative one. 

Irrefutably, bloggers from all walks of life continue to find “gold in them their hills.”

If you’re thinking about becoming a blogger, then you may wish to consider if it’s even worth pursuing in the first place.

As a blogger myself, I want to share a few vital things with you...

For starters, I’ve always hated traditional jobs- and when I say “hate”, that’s coming from the bottom of my heart…

It is a truly authentic hatred.

I never liked having bosses or managers, I don’t like having to wake up in the morning, and I could never stand the thought of wasting my life away at a 9-5 job.

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“There has to be more to life than this” was an idea that I thought to myself constantly.

The idea of wasting away at a mundane job for the next 30-40 years until I’m buried in the ground is an idea I found to be beyond depressing, and therefore entirely unacceptable to me.

I made up my mind very early on that I wanted to be the one calling the shots.

I was going to be the ONLY person steering my life, in whatever direction I chose.

I resolved to sacrifice NOW for a brighter future- a future in which I created, grew and ran my own successful blogging business.

I hope by the time you are done reading this you will understand my perspective on why I think it truly rocks to be a blogger.

Here are 11 reasons why I say so:

11) Bloggers Can Work from Anywhere... Anytime

I can’t speak for any other humanoid unit other than myself, but I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say MOST people love freedom.

There are all different kinds of high-paying professions in the world… 

Law, brain surgery, corporate executive positions, petroleum engineering… 

But how many of these professions truly allow you freedom?

Lawyers work grueling hours, surgeons are always on call, CEO’s always have 1000 responsibilities on their plate at any given time, and it’s common for petroleum engineers to work on-site for 84-hour rotations and shifts. 

These are all high paying professions, without a shadow of a doubt, but on the flip side, they all are different forms of prison.

What’s the point of making all that money if you’ve got a leash fastened around your neck?

That life might be for some people, but it’s not for those who are seeking true freedom.

Those who seek true freedom don’t want to be confined to an office OR to a demanding work schedule.

They would rather be able to decide WHERE they work and WHEN they work.

If you are a true free spirit, there is no better profession I recommend for you than blogging.

It’s a profession that allows you to sleep in till however late you want, to work from either your house or from a beach in Thailand or the mountains of New Zealand, and to be your own boss 100%.

Blogging provides a certain freedom that no other profession in the world has. That’s a fact.

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10) You're MORE than Just ‘Employed’

Most renowned bloggers began their blogging journey as just a hobby. 

Sooner or later though, it transformed into a full-blown business.

Blogging is, in my opinion, one of the smartest careers you can pursue…

With any other typical job, you can become ‘unemployed’ just as fast as you got ‘employed’.

When you’re employed by a company, they have the option of letting you go at any time they wish. That’s the ice-cold reality.

When you run your own blog, YOU’RE EMPLOYING YOURSELF.

No one has the ability to fire you. Why? Because you’re your own boss. You’re the entire chain of command.

9) No Alarm Clocks


DING* DING* DING*… it’s 6am and your alarm is going off…!

Time for you to go to work and trade your life away for chump change! Don’t you just love Mondays??

If you hate your job, nothing is worse than your obnoxiously loud morning alarm clock.

Now, I’m not saying this to brag, but I love my alarm clock. Why?

My alarm wakes me up so that I can just step into my dream. 

Blogging rocks, and it’s something I get to do on a daily basis.

You CAN change your current career path if you so choose. All it takes is a DECISION on your part.

If you can find joy in blogging like I have, you can create a lucrative and rewarding career out of it… one which actually makes you get excited when your alarm clock goes off in the morning.

8) Unlimited Vacation Days

You know what I’ll never miss? Hearing job interviewers tell me how many vacation days I would get.

I’ll never forget: I remember getting hired at a job once where during the interviewer bragged that he got 3 weeks vacation, and that if I worked hard there for 15 years like he did, I would eventually earn the same…

Hearing him brag about that blew my mind…

I’m not trying to sound terrible here, I just remember thinking “What the f*ck?”

That’s not something to brag about, dude…52 weeks in a year, and you’re excited about getting THREE of them off?

Close-up Photo of Calendar

…After 15 years of hard work and loyalty with that company, that’s all the time people get off for vacation? 

I said  F*ck that. F*ck the traditional job system.

It was that moment that I decided I would NEVER be like him…

I made up right then and there that one day I would run my own business, and I would have 52 weeks of vacation if I wanted to…

And so I made that my goal.

Black Dart Hit a Bullseye

With blogging, the beautiful thing about vacation time is that you’re the boss, so you don’t have to ask ANYONE about vacation time… You ask yourself.

If you’ve built up your blog to be generating good amounts of traffic, and you’re on top of your sh*t, who’s business is it to tell YOU that you can’t vacation 52 weeks out of the year…?

Nobody, that’s who… except maybe your spouse… I’d advise you don’t piss them off.

7) No Time Clock

In case you couldn’t tell, I have no interest in being owned by a corporation.

Worm's Eye View Architectural Photography of High Rise Building

The thing about most jobs in companies, is that they have you by the balls… 

“Be here by this time EVERY MORNING, OR YOU’RE FIRED!” ….. F*ck you, company.

Woman Making Hand Sign

I don’t care for being told what time I “HAVE” to be anywhere, so that’s a problem with me and traditional jobs right off the bat…

For real guys, sometimes it feeling almost like I was meant to be a blogger.

I don’t like the thought of someone being able to fire me for abiding by the corporate time clock. What a bunch of crap.

So, again, I said “Heck, I’ll make my own company, and I will be the one who makes the rules. 

Rule #1? Screw the time clock.

I guess, what it boils down to is that I like to sleep in, and a traditional job would impede that. 

If you’re a lazy S.O.B like I am, a career in blogging might be for you.

6) No Office Politics

I just want to point out that I’m a very level-headed guy… 

Due to 9 years of daily meditation, I’m able to keep a cool head when everyone around me is losing theirs.

Man Sitting on Grass Field

One thing I have always hated is drama in the workplace. 

When I worked jobs in the past, there was ALWAYS some kind of drama…

Even the grown-a** men were acting like little girls- drama queens, all of them.

I don’t care for office politics… all the “he said” “she said” bullcrap. I prefer to stick to myself and stay out of it.

As a blogger, I don’t have to worry about all that. There’s no drama, there’s no being around obnoxious co-workers, there’s no office politics.

As a blogger, I don’t have to bother with anyone that I don’t want to bother with.

Another amazing thing about being a blogger and affiliate marketer? …There’s NO customer service.

Man Wearing Brown Suit Jacket Mocking on White Telephone

What other business can you tell me you can start like that, eh? None that I can think of. Damn I love my job.

5) No Boss

Get ready, because I’m about to go OFF with this one…

Ok, the ONE thing I hate about jobs more than anything else- more than time-clocks, more than limited vacation time, more than office politics- more than ALL of those things combined, I hate bosses.

Man Wearing White Dress Shirt With Black Necktie

More specifically, I hate nasty bosses… and lemme tell you, I’ve had some mean bosses.

At my last job (as a car salesman), I was nearly fired because I almost got into a fistfight with my boss. 

He was a real a*shole, and I’m usually a very nice guy.

All this guy did was bark like a chihuahua though, nitpicking everything I did… he was a micromanager to the max.

White Tan Smooth Chihuahua

I’m a free-spirited kind of guy, and I don’t take sh*t from anyone trying to tell me what to do.

So, as you can imagine, that job didn’t last very long… as a matter of fact, that’s why I couldn’t last at ANY kind of “job” very long.

I learned hard and fast that the only career for me was one I started myself, and so began my blogging career.

4) Bloggers Can Go to The Beach On a Tuesday Afternoon... Or Thursday, or Friday or Any Other Day

Are you ever sitting at work, bored out of your freaking mind staring at the clock…?

Do you ever just wish you could throw the printer out the window, run down the hallway, flip everyone off, hop into your car, drive off into the sunset and down to the beach?

Scenic of Ocean During Sunset

Yeah, you’re not alone…

If you become a full-time blogger, however, you can go to the beach whenever you want to... 7am… 12 pm… Doesn’t matter.

As long as you blog whatever you need to and get whatever work you need done for the day, you can do whatever you want.

You can finish all your blogging work and then head to the beach, or you can go to the beach and then come back and finish blogging, or you can even blog AT the beach (my favorite option).

Woman Sitting on Brown Rock While Using Laptop

My point is that the day becomes yours… 

Your 24 hours are now yours to control, and your day doesn’t revolve around your mandatory attendance of some job.

Truth be told, somedays I choose barely to work at ALL.

I mean, it’s my personal philosophy to get some business done each day, but you don’t have to.

If you have a blogging business that’s generating money for you even while you sleep, you can totally take days off and do nothing at all. 

3) No Daily Commute

If waking up at 6am to an obnoxious alarm clock blaring in your ear isn’t bad enough, you now have to get in your car and drive to the nearest gas station.

Person Holding Gasoline Nozzle

You have to pay to fill up your gas tank, and then you’re off on your way to a job that you hate.

A commute is just part of the job that you don’t get paid for.

As a blogger, you can work right from the comfort of your own living room, so commute is a thing of the past.

Photo of Living Room

You’re going to find yourself saving money each week simply because you don’t have to drive to a deadbeat JOB.

2) You Don’t Have a Fixed Income

Now we’re getting to the good stuff… 

All the reasons before this are amazing, but now let’s get into the REAL exciting aspect of blogging: the INCOME potential.

Brass Round 7 Stack Coins

Unlike a traditional job that has a capped salary at say, $65,000, a blogger has NO CAP on how much money he or she can make each year.

Blogging allows you to earn an unlimited income.

If you want to work just enough to earn $20K each year, you can. If you want to earn $100K per year, you can.

U.s. Dollar Banknote Lot

If you want to bust your a*s and generate $500K per year, or even $1M+ per year, you can. 

People become renowned bloggers and achieve that goal all the time.

1) Income is Residual

It’s a magical thing when a pro blogger creates a blog post. Look at this exact post, for instance…

I took about an hour to write this one post, and yet you might be reading this YEARS after I’ve written it.

So EVERY blog post I write will bring in more visitors to my website not just once, but over and over again.

Once this article is posted online, it’s out there forever, which means it’s constantly generating money for me, even while I’m asleep.

Blogger Rocks

In terms of the big picture, while I work on this website, my other 4 websites are still live, online, and making me money 24/7/365 days of the year. That is the beauty of blogging.

Having a website is like having a salesperson that works for you 24/7.

In other words, having a blog is like having a salesperson that doesn’t call in sick, doesn’t go on vacation, and never stops bringing you leads and customers.

Working at a JOB vs. Owning Your Own Blog

Ever wondered if it’s possible to make as much as a doctor or lawyer? You can…

In fact, you can make a lot more than that.

 Professional Blogger Rocks

The thing is… even doctors and lawyers trade their time for money

Their salary is capped. They agree upfront to trade a year of their time for an agreed-upon sum of money, and that is their salary.

That is NOT how a professional blogger does it. As a blogger, you don’t have a set salary.

Your blog can earn you revenue while you’re sleeping, vacationing, or watch sunbathing on the beach.

Ultimately, the more you work, the more money your blog can generate.

Residual income is so immensely powerful. Making money that is independent of your time is how the rich can become rich in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the ultimate question: can you become rich as a blogger? Absolutely.

Many bloggers have broken the barrier of making a million dollars annually.

Man With Fireworks

While some bloggers do it for coin, others do it for the passion of writing. 

Some do it part-time, others do it full-time.

 Professional Blogger Rocks

Whether you’re looking for good hobby or simply to use your blogging income to pay for your car payment or mortgage, the amount you make is really up to you.

In terms of how fast you achieve success, it all depends on the amount of effort you’re willing to put into it and how hard you’re willing to work. 

 Professional Blogger Rocks

Are you gonna make millions in the first year? Probably not. 

Are you gonna make millions within the next 5 years? Now that’s much more real realistic and achievable goal.

The internet has truly revolutionized the business world and the opportunities it provides us.

The Blogging Adventure

As I’ve demonstrated to you, there are so many reasons why it rocks to be a blogger. 

Even if you’re a newbie who’s just starting out, the journey of blogging is both fun and rewarding.

At first, stepping into the world of blogging might seem scary or intimidating, but there are so many benefits of becoming a full-time blogger.

I hope you’ll join me on this incredible blogging adventure!

Man in Black Backpack during Golden Hour

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  1. Hello Koda. Being a professional blogger has so many benefits that are so huge. So I want to be a professional blogger and I am ready to do whatever it takes to reach my blogging goals. What I love about blogging is the ability to work from anywhere in the world, financial freedom, own boss, etc. Being a professional blogger is lucrative overall.

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